not single post in a whole week...

but yes, i am still alive!!! ^^ im just VERY busy at work yet im trying to keep up to date - i just checked my friends site today: at least its great fun browsing through all the new entries and pictures. i feel bad for not being able to reply to all the comments i got here and on the daily_lolita though. well... there are things to be sacrificed, right?

this sunday is my "update day" now
the most amazing news first: on wednesday my much longed for package from arrived and it definitely was worth waiting <3
on top of it all it can be considered as a positive relief for me because the content of my package was the important proof that not every item by a chinese brand has to be crappy quality *happy-happy*

lookie here:

i am really happy with everything - the fit is just perfect!


:: what i got in detail ::

1. Infanta Black Pannier

a very pretty pannier with moderate poof. the lace is used in a very tasteful way and the tulle is sturdy, just how i love it ^^. the solid inner cotton-layer is mandatory imho ;3

2. R Series "Thousand Stars Blouse"

this blouse is a pure dream, lightweight airy cotton material makes it perfect for summer. the tulle lace trim is very delicate. i especially adore the detailed collar and rosebud-shaped buttons <3

3. R Series "Teatime in Windsor JSK"

i think the pictures speak for themselves and i am so happy about the fact that the materials used are valuable and the dress is so well constructed. ♥♥♥ it even has a corset-lacing in the back for perfect andjustment and is fully lined.

all in all i am totally satisfied, there is absolutely nothing negative to note! of course the quality is not as good as of some brand items, but therefore the price is only a fraction. and those items are worth every cent i have payed for. *yay* i am surely going to order from miwitch again in the future their kind service convinced me all along the line. ^____^"


and here i have a picture of my outfit for going out on wednesday:

LOOKBOOK-post here

the necklace in the picture above i bought off ebay, its my new favourite ^^ a vintage flexible collier that nicely clings to the neckline.


a dream in gold

on friday a long awaited package arrived:

<3 this thing is perfection in shape of a dress! i cant think of any better description. the bodice was a little loose on me so i took it to my seamstress right away to have it fitted. im going to take pictures of it being worn as soon as i pick it up again.

oh and here is what i wore for going out on friday:

also on LOOBOOK


ad.: eventually i have something for the daily_lolita again ^^ and i just realized that i never posted a proper picture of my ETC bambi OP... well the details dont come out too well but thats the concern with black dresses all of the time i guess.

slightly different version on the daily_lolita & in my LOOKBOOK

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miss ampion the axolotl model + peacock goodness

axolotl-juliet waiting for her romeo on the balcony:

XD she looks like a little princess

i will redo their tank when were moving to the new apartment - i thought of white ground with shiny black pebble accents or black/antracite ground with white pebbles...


ad.: AAAAH - peacock feather print dress!!!!

from matthew williamsons h&m collection! i just ordered it right away :3 im so happy & i also got:

a peacock top <3

new skirt + shoes

there is something going on in my LOOKBOOK again ^^ i wanted to shoot more outfits but i took my new dress (the one with the paisley pattern) to my seamstress yesterday - its about to get a new lining, the collar will be slightly modified (from pointed to rounded) and the two small damages will be repaired. ^^ i cant wait to pick it up again.

slightly different version can be found in my LOOKBOOK

here's a close up of the shoes - i found them at deichmann's for 20€ yesterday and couldnt resist ^^


as mentioned i had a manicure today: shape & look of my nails turned out VERY cute, they are much shorter now but i also like how they look and they are easier to "handle" than the long ones.


ad.: out of boredom here is my "collection" of shoes, i own a few more but they dont deserve to be in this picture because i either dont wear them a lot or they are too worn out already.

thats it for now ^^ a beauty and fashion post basically.

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my new haircut!

i LOVE it! ♥

i am really happy with how it turned out, its exactly what ive wanted. ^^
aaaand: my new hypersize circle lenses - they look very spectacular if you ask me!

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NO sales, new stuff & must haves

first of all: ill be putting up my Victorian Maiden BETH JSK for sale this evening - it has been worn only twice and is in immaculate condition with absolutely now flaws to note! ill give you guys on my FL the chance to grab it before anyone else can ^^

NOT! -> i realized that time has not yet come to part with it XD


yesterday was once more a day of package-receiving-goodness ^^

my paisley vintage dress arrived, its such a gorgeous and unique piece! wonderful, airy material and gorgeous print. i need to take it to my seamstress though, it has some minor flaws that i want to have fixed for safely wearing it without having to fear that i might damage it any further: a few loose threads on one sleeve edge and inner lining.

then these h&m lovelies got here just in time for summer:

i adore both! <3 the shoes are of great quality and very comfortable whilst the skirt is simply cute and easy to coordinate. i hope ill find the time to shoot more outfits this extended weekend.


last but not least a little bit of ebay shoe-hunting ♥ i dont know wether i should love or hate ebay for tempting me with loads of wonderful shoes XD on the other hand it is my own fault because i could simply stop looking them up... BUT I CANT RESIST!!!

i also like these:

even better Ô_Ô!

YES INDEED - because they are ultra-fancy! my taste in shoes differs a lot, but anyone who read this is most likely not too much surprised by this fact.


grumpy toad king and other critters

yesterday we had a barbecue in the garden and i found this cute toad in the garden pond! even though he was anything but amused about me removing him from his empire i was able to take a few pictures of him before safely sending him back to where he belongs:

Collapse )

also we visited the "EXOTICA" reptile exhibition on sunday - it was really interesting: loads of snakes and lizards but also spiders, frogs, gekkos and many others. i saw some giant african land snails - i even held a baby snail in my hand. they are very beautiful and have the cutest faces. *aw*

i loved the giant millipedes (archispirostreptus gigas) they look wonderful with their dark shiny shells - i am seriously thinking about getting a pair in the new apartment - they easily grow 30 cm long and age up to 8 years.

one day - two outfit posts!

i realized that i never posted pictures of my wonderful high-waisted jeans worn:

as per usual also posted to my LOOKBOOK

i guess i dont fit the skinny trend XD but let me be honest: i really dont care! ^^
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