June 17th, 2009


la la la

hah, man i wanted to do such a big update last weekend, but i was so busy doing this and that...

i was out on wednesday, slept the whole thursday therefore & friday was basically a beauty day: i had my nails done, got my hair cut, went for a workout session and visited the tan shop afterwards! jup, its summertime and summertime equals tan time! as you may know im having a rather hard time getting naturally tanned so i start with the taning bed in order to achieve a nice result.

last but not least ive been to a wedding on saturday and wore my new dress (the strapless one with the golden skirt-part) it was such a great wedding and especially an awesome party! we stayed there 12 hours from two o'clock noon until 2 in the morning ;3

i also bought a shitload of stuff recently XD but most of all i am looking forward to receiving these:

yes indeed!!! i eventually couldnt resist my need for a freaky peair of shoes any longer. i want to wear them with some black wet-look leggings and a shirt i recently bought at newyorkers, the one i have is black and i actually wear it as a dress with a cincher-belt over it, the upper part is rather loose with a silver zipper on each shoulder whilst the lower part looks like a short skirt with gathered sides. to match it with those shoes im going to get it in blue of course. ^^

a while ago my peacock dress by matthew williamson for h&m arrived, the print is a dream but: it doesnt fit me right T_T" its too loose and looks weird on me. its still sitting in my closet, but even though it hurts my heart i am going to sell it again i guess. -_-"

other than that i am also waiting for this shirt i bought at closet-child ^^ i totally fell for that print <3

...more soon!
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